Upcoming large yacht into the Classification and Construction

21 to 23 June, the China Classification Society (hereinafter referred to as CCS) Institute of Shanghai norms held a large yacht into the Classification and Construction "and" the statutory inspection of the large yacht Interim Provisions "will be assessed. CCS Wuhan Research Institute, the local Branch, the local Maritime Safety Administration, CSIC Institute 702, 708, Institute of Shipping Inspection Bureau of Shandong Province and Xiamen Yacht Industry Association of the person in charge, and Wuhan, South China, Jiangmen, starfish and other well-known ship the representative of the manufacturing units involved in the development and review. Maritime Safety Administration of the Ministry of Transportation Deputy Director Zhang Zhigang and CCS Shanghai specification deputy director of Institute Zhongchen Kang presided over the review.


The review will focus on the answers to the delegates before the mega-yacht class, build and test feedback. The so-called mega-yacht, the waterline length yacht over 20 meters. Live discussion, a reasonable solution to form a meeting proposal by the National Maritime Board for approval. The delegates of this review with a high degree of great importance, and certainly they have said, "mega-yacht into the class and the construction of norms" and "mega-yacht statutory inspection provisional regulations" of the formulation, is to regulate the large yacht construction process and the urgent need to break the previous large yacht construction of the situation out of nowhere in the process.


"Chinese laws and regulations have been formulated is always behind the market development is particularly important for large yachts in our professional manufacturing enterprise, the introduction of the" large yacht into the Classification and Construction. Delegates starfish ship the deputy general manager Ma Xiaodong, then means that the smooth introduction of the specification will be welcomed by the yacht industry peers.