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  •      Qingdao Waterwish Boat Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. invests $ 1.5 million to set up the machining center to produce the moulds, introduces the design and technology ,adopts the latest integration streamline designs, inherits the exquisite essence of shipbuilding from Lambertti, Italy. Strong dynamic stretch, fully reflects the features of function, power and personalization.



    The product line ranges from 12 feet to 43 feet,of which QD 12 feet to QD 22  feet were adopted from famous ltalian yacht company.



    The boats are all designed by Ing. Massimo Di Rosario, famous ltalian boat designer and production engineer, and the quality of the products are guaranteed by the strict engineering processes, best materials selection as well as experts’supporting from Europe and a professional engineers & workers team strictly trained in well-known yacht manufacturing companies, to guarantee the products with fine workmanship, well-selected modern design and high quality.



    The production capability is 150 units of series model under 43 feet, and 43 feet for two per year. With CE mark certificated by DNV and IG, qualified by ISO 9001:2000, all the company’s products have been selling to customers from more than 10 countries and areas in the world




    QingdaoWaterwish Boat Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. will by the way of small yacht customize service to form the multi-moulds, multi-grade series yacht, to establish the domestic and international marketing channels and brand image. To develop the company to be one of the world class small and medium, entertainment-oriented FRP yacht manufacturing service enterprise.